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Alarm clocks made from satan himself

3 Nov

I saw this over at unplggd today. I never thought to pair up the word ‘evil’ with ‘alarm clock’ but these little gadgets are totally that. Read on…


SnūzNLūz ($39.99), one of ThinkGeek’s notorious April Fool’s jokes, hits you where it hurts – your wallet. This sucker connects to your bank account over WiFi and donates money to a charity or non-profit that you hate. Each snooze sends them $10.




The Tyrant…because not only do you have to suffer by waking up at the crack of dawn, now your friends, loved ones and business associates might have to, also. Plug in your cell phone, and if the alarm keeps ringing it randomly dials a number in your contacts.



the Shredder Clock, a concept that’s meant to force you out of bed by shredding more of your precious cash the longer your sleep in. It’s currently only a concept, but still super evil.