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Aside 28 Jan

like what you’ve seen?

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20 Nov

Spotted over at Refinery 29, here are some bad ass nails spotted in one of my favorite cities, San Francisco.


10 Nov

I find birth and the process of labor so fascinating because of how intricate and perfected each-little-step to bringing a baby into the world-actually is. It really is under rated and I feel, not given the chance a lot of the time because of the image today’s society creates (a fearful one). And after having a naturally delivery where I felt everything from the very beginning to the very end when my little bird was born, I am even more so entranced with nature and the power it holds.

Mary Catherine Birth and Family Arts (via Green Midwife Community Birth Services) posted this today and I think it’s so beautiful and so accurate:

“People often ask what contractions feel like–it’s hard to explain. If I could show you what they look like, it might be something like this. So beautiful, so powerful.”

H o l y. C r a p.

4 Nov

If you happen to be having a conversation with my husband about what to get me for my birthday next year- three words. EDIBLE SPRAY PAINT. Sold here at The Deli Garage in Germany.

Harmless and tasteless and it currently comes in: chrome, gold, blue and blush!!!!

Artist: Carly Waito

31 Oct

An intense sharp shot of inspiration went straight into my veins when i laid eyes on these gems. These are not photographs but oil paintings on masonite. Every piece varies in size (and is sold).

Artist Carly Waito if you are reading this- you are amazing.

Glitter + eggs = la la love

27 Oct

Me to glitter is like peanut butter to jelly. So when I saw this idea I nearly fell to my knees. The rad thing about this diy is that it doesn’t have to be glitter…it can be confetti, fruity pebbles, nerds or sand to give to the brat next door.

Inspiration: kool-aid flavored windows

18 Oct

Ive always appreciated old stain glass windows for the work it must have taken to create (and obviously the artistic value) – but it wasnt until I stepped into St. Vitus (at Prague castle) that ive really taken a liking loving. There’s nothing quite like the reflection of colors they cast. Almost like spilled kool-aid of different flavors…I could literally lick the walls.

like what you’ve seen?

head on over to for the real deal (yo).

5 things Im totally diggin’ on

19 Sep

{{One for each of my senses}} …nifty how that works huh?

1. Sight

These two prints greet me as I walk through the door each day. Can’t get enough of this chicks work!

2. Taste

Nothing is better than spun honey. If you disagree Im not sure we can continue being friends?

3. Smell

Okay now take that spun honey and wash your hair with it. This is what you get. I literally have to fix myself a croissant every time I get out of the shower.

4. Touch

Crocheted ballet slippers by FiveSisters on Etsy. I love not leaving the house just so I can wear these.

5. Hear

I really love how nervous everyone looks in the beginning of this video. It really shows how untouched and fresh these guys are which makes me like them more.

James Vincent McMorrow- If I had A Boat

It doesn’t get any more sparklier than this.

1 Sep

…and Im not talking about the ‘Im sorry i cheated on you’ ring from The Real Wives of Orange County. Duh- it’s so obvious! This little planet decided to make it’s debut in dedication to the birth of The Sparklette.

According to The Huffington Post, UK:

‘A gem of a world made from diamond has been discovered orbiting a tiny spinning star 4,000 light years away. The “diamond planet” is actually the shrunken core of a once massive star. Despite being only five times the size of the Earth, it has more mass than Jupiter. Its high density shows that it must largely be made of crystalline carbon – in other words, diamond.

“This remnant is likely to be largely carbon and oxygen, because a star made of lighter elements like hydrogen and helium would be too big to fit the measured orbiting times,” said Dr Michael Keith, from the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

The spinning star, around the size of a small city, is known as a “pulsar”. As the star spins more than 10,000 times a minute it acts like a lighthouse, sending out a beam of radio waves that sweeps repeatedly over the Earth.’

How’s that for some bling?