This is not your grandmother’s doily!

13 Sep

The doily has really been trying to make a comeback for sometime now as it’s one of those things people either love or hate. It’s been made fun of a lot and even transformed into some industrial ragged versions (which were never popular), but it’s just now that Ive noticed its really making it’s own new fresh debut. Which i think is fabu as im a total fan!

When I first think of doilies it’s almost like I can smell that old musty scent only a (but not all) grand mothers house can smell like. We all know what im talking about.  But if your like me, the sight of a doily also has that instant feel of warmth and love- a simple textured miniature throw that can soften just about anything.

I simply cant resist these uber-feminine flash backs.


1 ‘punk doily’ available at

2 ‘romantic peach and vintage doily pillow’ by squirrelonaledgetop over at etsy.

3 ‘lace tea set’ was also found on Real doilies were used to make these!

4 ‘lace lamp’ …Put those old doilies that you inherited from your grandmother to good use! Hit up here for easy diy instructions.

5 ‘square doily clock’ by uncommon. The doily makes a cool debut as a square AND lets you know that you are those five minutes late for work.


One Response to “This is not your grandmother’s doily!”

  1. Cydney Griffin 13/09/2011 at 16:25 #

    I grew up around doilies. Mema had them under everything & on the arms of the couch. And Grandma Chicca crocheted doilies which I still have a few 🙂

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