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rock out

24 Nov

Is your music library getting a lil’ stale like last weeks baguette? Two words: Free People. They’ve put together a sweet list of jams that they play in stores. Impressive…check it out!
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a splash of summer for today’s cold winter day

24 Nov

lionskeleton by Andrew B. Meyers


fuckoff-kindly via escaype

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ten stupidest objections to the occupy wall street

22 Nov

holy loonytoones… these are all real.

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21 Nov

As Wayne from Waynes World would say:     “…SHWING.”

(you can find the deets that make up this lovely rainbow here)


20 Nov

Spotted over at Refinery 29, here are some bad ass nails spotted in one of my favorite cities, San Francisco.


19 Nov

(now go take a shower.)

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(more) words to live by

19 Nov

“You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.” -John Mason

A quote for a day like today

15 Nov

“EVERYTHING comes full circle.”

-mothers across the world

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Mapping Stereotypes

12 Nov

Clever and not too far off… it’s about time someone says what we’re all thinking. Alphadesigner’s Mapping Stereotypes: The Ultimate Bigot’s Calender of the World.

344 Questions?

12 Nov

This is cool. A pocket size compilation of illustrated flow charts and lists to help you figure out some of life’s big answers.

Because sometimes you just need to write it down-then read it- to realize what it is in your life that makes you happy or unhappy. And from there you can really make the changes you need in order to live/accomplish the things in life that are really important to you.

“We are all different people, but we face a lot of the same questions. The point of this book is to give you lots of questions you can use to look at your life — in a new way, with a different perspective, or maybe just in more detail than you have before — so you can find out how you work, what you want to do, and how you can get it done in a way that works for you. Specifically.” ~ Stefan G. Bucher

Rain makes everything better

12 Nov




…wouldn’t you agree?

When did cardboard become so cool?

10 Nov

Check out this coffee stand this mom made for her young daughter. Kids are always drawn to the big cardboard boxes before the toys that are inside it seems, so maybe as a parent we should take that as a sign???


10 Nov

I find birth and the process of labor so fascinating because of how intricate and perfected each-little-step to bringing a baby into the world-actually is. It really is under rated and I feel, not given the chance a lot of the time because of the image today’s society creates (a fearful one). And after having a naturally delivery where I felt everything from the very beginning to the very end when my little bird was born, I am even more so entranced with nature and the power it holds.

Mary Catherine Birth and Family Arts (via Green Midwife Community Birth Services) posted this today and I think it’s so beautiful and so accurate:

“People often ask what contractions feel like–it’s hard to explain. If I could show you what they look like, it might be something like this. So beautiful, so powerful.”

Monday’s quote

7 Nov


“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”  -Albert Einstein


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H o l y. C r a p.

4 Nov

If you happen to be having a conversation with my husband about what to get me for my birthday next year- three words. EDIBLE SPRAY PAINT. Sold here at The Deli Garage in Germany.

Harmless and tasteless and it currently comes in: chrome, gold, blue and blush!!!!

Things to do when the internet is down

4 Nov
I’m particularly a fan of the last one.

Alarm clocks made from satan himself

3 Nov

I saw this over at unplggd today. I never thought to pair up the word ‘evil’ with ‘alarm clock’ but these little gadgets are totally that. Read on…


SnūzNLūz ($39.99), one of ThinkGeek’s notorious April Fool’s jokes, hits you where it hurts – your wallet. This sucker connects to your bank account over WiFi and donates money to a charity or non-profit that you hate. Each snooze sends them $10.




The Tyrant…because not only do you have to suffer by waking up at the crack of dawn, now your friends, loved ones and business associates might have to, also. Plug in your cell phone, and if the alarm keeps ringing it randomly dials a number in your contacts.



the Shredder Clock, a concept that’s meant to force you out of bed by shredding more of your precious cash the longer your sleep in. It’s currently only a concept, but still super evil. 

Inspiration: Pee Wee

31 Oct



Anyone who knows me knows how much i love PWH. I saw these on his facebook fan page and had to share.